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Dynotronics’ ECU remapping service was developed by the principals of DP Tune. DP Tune was established in 2007 to commercialize years and years of performance automotive tuning experience ranging from spark plug selection to suspension set-up and anywhere in between. In 2009, DP Tune partnered with Piasini Engineering to enhance it’s ECU remapping ability and Dynotronics was born.

Since then, Dynotronics has tuned and reflashed thousands of ECU’s and we continue to be a leader in remapping ECU’s that other companies can’t. Our craft has been developed over years of testing and we have the knowledge and experience needed to handle any tuning situation.

Dynotronics is proud to be your North American Piasini Engineering partner! Piasini Engineering is one of the oldest and most respected remapping firms in the world. We only use quality dynamometers built by Dynapack.